Captain Kirkwood at SIMA, September 2012

Captain Kirkwood at SIMA, September 2012

Sydney-based band Captain Kirkwood was formed by trumpeter and composer Ellen Kirkwood in early 2012, after she received the 2012 Jann Rutherford Memorial Award.  The talented and creative musicians who make up the rest of the band are Paul Cutlan (reeds), Alon Ilsar (drums), Glenn Doig (drums) and Tom Botting (bass). They are joined by Ketan Joshi as narrator of the “Theseus and the Minotaur” suite.

They play unique modern Jazz, hinted at times with a mix of other styles such as afro-cuban, gypsy, hip-hop and other quirky grooves. The music’s mood is dark yet playful, often weird, yet sometimes melancholy. Their first album, “Theseus and the Minotaur,” features a 5 part suite of the same name, which is a narrated “music story” version of the ancient Greek myth, as well as three other standalone instrumental tracks. 

Since their formation, Captain Kirkwood has performed in some of Australia’s best Jazz venues, including SIMA Sound Lounge and Foundry 616 in Sydney, and Bennett’s Lane, Melbourne. 

However well you know the tale (of Theseus), this retelling is gripping. 4 stars.” John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

“Ellen Kirkwood’s music has that rare quality that characterises the music of the best composers: a truly unique, original voice that leaves you dying to hear the next piece.” – Sandy Evans, OAM

Album available at https://captainkirkwood.bandcamp.com/

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